Peppers and Tomatoes

In the aftermath of the summer heat and insect infestation we have some regrowth! I managed to cut back a lot of the dead stuff back in September and my peppers and tomatoes are doing well again in the 70-80 degree days. I also planted some sweet potatoes from cuttings that are doing great now that it’s been raining this week.

But even though we have had a two month break from the heat, we’re getting a freeze this weekend which means I have to hurry up and assemble the other two covers for the beds. Originally Vego sent us a kit that had two canopies on backorder – back in the spring – well, they showed up a few weeks ago just in time to save the peppers and tomatoes I’ve got going on.

The new canopies come with the misting system the first one had but the assembly is different, much simpler with just plastic push connectors rather than having to manually screw in each connection point of the frame. I’ve also disconnected the hose to the current misting system because I don’t want it to freeze and burst.

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