Sour Cream

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His hand reached into the center console, past the collection of old cables, receipts, and an empty CD case. The larger coins had shifted to the bottom but he soon found a small stash of quarters. Picking through the lint and pennies he began to tally the amount.    Twenty five, fifty, one twenty-five…  It […]

So you want to fix up a Zune…

Categories: Electronics, Music

You remember the Zune, right? I was an iPod shuffle gal back in the day but when I went to plug mine into my computer I discovered it’s no longer readable by modern operating systems. After a few minutes of combing through ebay for a sub $50 mp3 player I stumbled upon the little flash […]

Weekend Project: Client Side Blazor Blog Platform

Categories: Software

To prove to myself I’m not a total moron and that the last years worth of learning to code hasn’t been totally wasted I’ve decided to develop the most basic of blogging apps. Now, I’ll admit I haven’t done any work on the setup of a .NET web project so it took me all of […]

You need a PO Box

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Because bacon takes forever to cook I’m writing this entire thing from the kitchen. Make your jokes accordingly. The number one suggestion I see for people trying to get a following for their newly written book, program, etc is to start a newsletter. Here in the US at least that has some rules that go […]

Going back to blogging

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It’s just time to do it. I don’t have the hours or energy to keep up with 47 micro projects chosen at random after I’m done with my day job work. The newsletter was fun but on a separate platform that I don’t really control. (And these days controlling your own platform is a must.) […]

Goodbye Twitter

Categories: News

I don’t keep a twitter account for more than a year or so before deleting it and starting over. It’s been that way since 2009, luckily I manage to snag the username each time I do it. The reason for that is I don’t want a decade of old junk tweets swimming around in the […]

Jet Jet Noodles (Dan Dan variant)

Categories: recipes

Ingredients: 1 onion (white/yellow/sweet) 1 bunch green onion 12 cloves garlic 2-3 ribeye steaks 3 bunches baby bok choy 32oz chicken or beef broth 2-3tbsp garlic chili sauce 1tbsp fresh ginger 4-5tbsp salt Fresh or dried flat noodles. Mince onion, ginger, and garlic. Do not use dried versions of these. Saute all three in a […]

I Found a Better RSS Reader

Categories: News, Software

A few several months ago I made a post about how much I preferred RSS to email and news sites for various reasons. Well, at some point the in-browser option I was using started to lag out and stop working. The new one I found is built within it’s own browser so I don’t need […]

Misprints Newsletter is Back

Categories: Misprints News

For the last few weeks I’ve seen an uptick in the number of small presses coming out with indie litmags. Most of these are simply a WordPress site and a twitter account with an email to send subs to. I think it’s great. In fact, I’ve submitted to a few this past month. Keeping a […]

How to start a CovidJournal

Categories: Writing

Nope, no introduction this is going straight into the list. Find a journal. You can use any of the old ones you’ve been stockpiling in a drawer, or just use a simple spiral notebook. Staple some copy paper together if you have to. I bet there is paper and a bic pen in your house. […]