Gumbo Ramen

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are finally put up I figured I’d make a little video again. We cut down a big dead tree in the front yard over the weekend and used some of the sticks from it to light a fire in the back yard. That was good enough of an excuse for me to try and set up a video again and make some gumbo ramen with the leftovers from yesterday.

I wanted to try using one of my older cameras for this one, our Canon G11 which is great for photos in the daytime but not so much for videos at night. It had the hardest time focusing, plus the video only goes up to 780p which means it’s even fuzzier on my laptop and phone.

Anyway, it was still fun to make because I set up a tripod for it which gave me two hands to do things with. The gumbo ramen wasn’t hard to set up because I had already made the gumbo the day before and all I needed to do was boil the ramen noodles in it.

I mentioned this in the video but lost my train of thought, I want to do a video in the future where I make the gumbo properly outside but due to how much fuel that would take it wasn’t going to be time effective with the Trangia. I’ll make gumbo over a fire someday.

The noodles tasted just fine. I cooked them a little too long so they ended up without the broth.

Things seen in video:

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