March Descent into Madness

New games

This month we finally bit the bullet and bought Lorcana. We gave it a test run by just buying three of the starter decks at our new game shop in town. They finally had some of these in stock after all this time. The game came out last fall with a very limited print run making it way too expensive to buy on secondary. Now that it’s third expansion has come out and a few of the first set has been reprinted the game is way more accessible. I remember at some point over Christmas the starter decks alone were going for double retail. Anyway, we got two starter decks from the first set and one from the latest and tried it out.

Yall, this game is actually fun.

I’ve played a few CCG’s in my time and so many with a big IP like this end up just being character baseball cards with it points taped on them, this is not the case with Lorcana.

First up, there are no mana/energy cards in the sets. Every card in the set is a playable asset in the game. The way they have it set up is after you draw your hand you get to choose any card you want from it and play it face down on the table – for the remainder of the game that is now used as mana/energy. The rest of the cards are the standard characters, items, and actions.

Winning the game occurs when you reach 20 “lore”, a point system used on the character cards that is accrued throughout play. The goal is to get rid of the other characters that are generating lore or gain your own lore faster than the other player. There are multiple ways to attempt this and the randomization of play by using main cards as mana makes it more interesting.

Kid’s stuff

This month was my older daughter’s birthday. She wanted to have a Ninjago themed painting party so I set up tables in the garage and found as much Ninjago – related party supplies as I could online. She found the show on Netflix and has become attached, but just like my sons and Regular Show she has gotten into it well after the show’s popularity making it harder to find stuff.

My oldest son is going to prom this weekend and thankfully the tux we rented online fit him just right. Hooray for tape measures. Also, who on earth sets up prom the day before Easter?

Younger son won 2nd place in his field event at the track meet this week. I don’t think he is going to keep doing school sports next year and focus on band instead. Even as big and strong as he is he doesn’t like hitting or hurting his friends which makes football difficult.

Youngest daughter has decided that she loves strawberries. She has a strawberry print dress she only wants to wear everyday. She knows exactly what they are and gets so excited to go to the grocery store to buy the strawberries. (Which are thankfully getting into season and no longer $7 a box nor are they white inside.) However, she will not eat them. She will hold them for dear life, squish them, and beg to have her hands washed. She loves the idea of strawberries.


Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! The onions are doing great. My radishes are having a blast in their side of the bin. My cabbages are making big giant leaves but I’m not sure they are going to produce heads this time around. We’ve had some wildly random weather this month going from 35-85 within the same day at times which is confusing them I think.

The Beef

Remember that episode of Lucy where her and Ethel buy two sides of beef and it fills the whole kitchen? That was us earlier this week. Luckily we only got one side and we have a 11 cu. ft chest freezer because 291 lbs of beef is quite a lot. We are also a house of six people we will eat all of this with no issue. I got the heart, tongue, bones, and the tail as well. I had the option for extra fat but I’m not making soap and what I do save for anything else can easily be trimmed from the brisket.

Personal Stuff

I got a new little sling bag that fits my Nalgene. It’s from a little shop called Kawa Designs out of Utah. They make custom bike bags and such as well. I’ve been carrying this all month and it’s just right for a hydration storage bag. I also managed to find a camp cup that nests with the Nalgene bottle so I can carry that in the bag as well. Now I just need to find some sort of small camp stove and I can carry around an emergency ramen bag. XD

This month was our 18th wedding anniversary, and with all the kids school events and such going on during it we went out for bbq and saw the new Ghostbusters movie. I had to get the marshmallow man popcorn bucket which is now the designated house candy bowl. We both thought the movie was fun. It’s exactly what I expect to see when going to see a Ghostbusters movie. For some reason critics had issue with all the mini plots going on and the main character girl’s reverse-Casper story. Whatever, it has James Acaster and mini marshmallow men attacking the iPad kid which is more than reason to see it.

One last note: The sub call for the second issue of Y2K Quarterly goes out on April 1st, so make sure to check that out.

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