So you want to fix up a Zune…

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You remember the Zune, right? I was an iPod shuffle gal back in the day but when I went to plug mine into my computer I discovered it’s no longer readable by modern operating systems. After a few minutes of combing through ebay for a sub $50 mp3 player I stumbled upon the little flash […]

Florence + the Machine – Austin, Tx 5/19/2016

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I finally got a chance to go to a Florence + the Machine concert! I didn’t go to ACL to see her in 2015 because I was pregnant, and the previous years I didn’t know she was playing until it was too late to buy tickets. So let’s back up to 2011. My husband sent […]

Noisy Cricket Amp Project

Categories: Electronics, Music

I finally finished this little amp project. The amp was made via the schematics from [Beavis Audio]. I used their “radio shack” pdf with the cool radio shack circuit board. Most of the other parts I bought off DigiKey and what they didn’t have I ordered off ebay. Here you can see the stomp box enclosure […]