Sour Cream

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His hand reached into the center console, past the collection of old cables, receipts, and an empty CD case. The larger coins had shifted to the bottom but he soon found a small stash of quarters. Picking through the lint and pennies he began to tally the amount.    Twenty five, fifty, one twenty-five…  It […]

How to start a CovidJournal

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Nope, no introduction this is going straight into the list. Find a journal. You can use any of the old ones you’ve been stockpiling in a drawer, or just use a simple spiral notebook. Staple some copy paper together if you have to. I bet there is paper and a bic pen in your house. […]

How I Self-Published a Book.

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You’ll notice that doesn’t say how to self-publish a book in general. The way I did it wont apply to the majority of writers who may or may not have some flavor of degree in the subject or plan on having an agent traditionally publish their work. The following explains how I went about writing […]

The first issue of Dioxazine is almost ready.

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The plan was to have this thing ready by the beginning of this month but a couple of family events and projects caused some delays. That and the fact that I had to learn InDesign as I went with the layout made things slow going. Luckily most of the layout and formatting can be re-used […]

Dioxazine: Not quite mag or zine.

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So back in 2013 or so, I decided to come up with a zine to showcase my photos and drawings. It was called Dioxazine after the type of purple paint we often used in painting class, and given it was an art zine it fit pretty well. Things got busy and the whole little project […]

The Widow of Redbriar

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The Widow of Redbriar is a complex novella set in 1860’s England about Mary Ellen Murphy, a young woman from Georgia, who is uprooted from her family’s tobacco plantation following the aftermath of the American Civil War.  Her maternal grandfather’s estate at Redbriar becomes her new home and now must do her best to keep […]

The Party

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Joe stood at the edge of the curb in anticipation of the cars arrival. He was heading to the yearly office party and the guys in charge allocated each employee a ride pass for a free round trip autocar. Not that this was his first time in one, he had taken a handful of them […]

The Snowstorm

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The notifications on his phone had been going off since before he left the apartment that morning. A blizzard was scheduled to hit the city later that evening and alerts had been sent out well in advance to keep people off the roads where all possible. Local schools and the university had closed down, as […]

The Layoff

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It was a cool summer morning when Joe walked into the office. His buddy in HR had tipped him off about the layoffs the night before so it was no surprise when he saw his boss standing at his desk, casually sipping a cup of coffee. She walked towards him before he could even get […]

The Doctors Office

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It was the fourth day in a row Joe had woken up with a sore throat, and the first day he had woken up with a fever. The assistant on his phone automatically made him an appointment when the fever kicked in during the night. His watch vibrated, displaying a reminder for the doctors visit […]