Design by Committee can be bad, but so is the reverse.

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So we’ve all been there, you’re making something for a client and you’re in the final stages of working out exactly what the end product will look like when someone managing it starts with: “Hey, I showed this to my ________ and they said it should have ________.” Suddenly everyone in the room chimes in […]

Getting Started Painting Minis

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So I’ve slowly been working on the vast horde of Reaper Minis we got from the kickstarter earlier this year. I’ve painted maybe three figures before this so I had to go out and get some new brushes and a few washes etc, to get things ready. I even went out and cleaned up/repaired my […]

Jetgirl’s Inktober 2018 Drawings – Master Post

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Want to see what I’ve drawn without scrolling through social media posts? Here is a gallery of the drawings that will be updated each day. I normally finish a drawing around 10-11pm central time US. See them posted on twitter or instagram.

Inktober 2018

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Hey everybody, next month is Inktober and while I’ve attempted it in the past I always fail about 2-3 days into it. This time I’ve created my own list of things to draw and post so hopefully I don’t run into down days or lag. For those that don’t know what Inktober is it’s simply […]