So you want to fix up a Zune…

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You remember the Zune, right? I was an iPod shuffle gal back in the day but when I went to plug mine into my computer I discovered it’s no longer readable by modern operating systems. After a few minutes of combing through ebay for a sub $50 mp3 player I stumbled upon the little flash […]

15 years later: Finally got a Nokia N-Gage

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Several weeks ago I took the kids to a local used game shop to see if they had any second-hand copies of Skyrim for the Switch. The boys lost my copy earlier this year and after having switched from PC to Mac I haven’t been able to play it. (Wine isn’t cooperating with Steam, I’ve […]

Backlighting a DMG.

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Well well well, it’s been a long time since I’ve opened up an old gameboy and shoved lights into it. I don’t remember why I was even on ebay that day but searching for one thing lead to searching for an OG Nintendo DS console. Those were crazy expensive for what they are, I didn’t […]

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

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This post contains no affiliate links, I bought the keyboard myself two months ago. Back in January, right after releasing Redbriar, I started shopping around for a new keyboard for my computer. There wasn’t anything super wrong with the old one save for a few broken keycaps, so I shopped around for something that would work well enough for my own […]

Florenheit: NodeMCU Weather Station

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I put together a little weather station this weekend using the basic setup from this website: which uses a basic humidity and temp sensor along with a NodeMCU ESP8266 board. I plan to upgrade the sensor to one that includes barometric pressure once I learn how the code works and can swap it out for […]

DNA75 Build – Hitch-Hiker Pv2 Box

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Since building the PWM box, I’ve found the power to be a bit too warm for my tastes. Having a series mod only to turn it down to 55% power is pretty lame so I had been looking into making a new single battery or dual parallel box, mostly so I could run dual coils […]

PWM Box Mod

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While waiting for all of the parts to my Game Boy Pi build, I threw together a PWM Box mod. While looking up how to build one I contemplated doing a DNA 200 board box but the price point on the PWM was something I couldn’t pass up. Setup shown above: LG He4 x2 Geekvape […]

GameBoy Zero Pt1

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I haven’t had a chance to solder anything since before the baby arrived and have been itching to build something fun. It’s been a while since I played with the old Game Boy’s in the house and after stumbling upon the Game Boy Zero posts on reddit I decided to build one myself. So far I’ve […]

Building My Own Box Mods

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As much fun as mechanical tube mods and commercial vv boxes are, making your own box mod is really rewarding. My husband loved his provari and I really liked my sig 150 but these “digikey specials” are more my style. This hilarious thing was the first mod I built back in 2013. It’s super tiny […]