Introducing the Y2K Quarterly

I started setting up the Y2K Quarterly over the summer but got distracted by oh so many things. Jump to the holiday break and suddenly I have the chance to set up the site and get things working.

What is the Y2K Quarterly?

This is a very small project literary magazine I’ve started to showcase work with the central theme of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I realized I might have something that can interest younger writers who are discovering the era as well as those of us over 30 who lived through it.

Who is working on the Magazine?

It’s just me. I’m doing the website, the emails, the social media, the reading, the approving, the declining, the fun images, everything. For now, at least.

What made you want to start a lit mag?

A handful of the guys in my writing group have all started one on and off over the years and I thought I might throw my hat in the mix. It wasn’t until this past year of submitting work to places that I realized the kind of stuff I was writing was too niche and perhaps there were others with the same issue.

What is the schedule?

I’m running an issue every three months with the following format: 1 month of subs. 1 month of responses/editing. So for this first issue subs opened Jan 1st. They will close Feb 1st and I’ll start sending acceptance/decline emails. The first issue will go live on the site March 1st. After 4 issues I’ll set up a printed annual of all the work on the site and send copies to the contributors and put the rest for sale online.

How will you keep up with it?

I’ll be using the first issue as a guide for the second issue as far as how many submissions I take in. If things get out of hand (over 500 subs) I’ll implement a limit. If you miss the window you can always wait two months.

What is the acceptance rate looking like?

Well, so far your odds of acceptance for the first issue are amazing. As long as you follow the under 1999 word limit and it’s actually about the late 90’s early 2000’s in literally any way things are looking good.

Where can I check it out?

The website is I also have it on Twitter, Threads, and Instagram.

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