You need a PO Box

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Because bacon takes forever to cook I’m writing this entire thing from the kitchen. Make your jokes accordingly. The number one suggestion I see for people trying to get a following for their newly written book, program, etc is to start a newsletter. Here in the US at least that has some rules that go […]

Going back to blogging

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It’s just time to do it. I don’t have the hours or energy to keep up with 47 micro projects chosen at random after I’m done with my day job work. The newsletter was fun but on a separate platform that I don’t really control. (And these days controlling your own platform is a must.) […]

Goodbye Twitter

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I don’t keep a twitter account for more than a year or so before deleting it and starting over. It’s been that way since 2009, luckily I manage to snag the username each time I do it. The reason for that is I don’t want a decade of old junk tweets swimming around in the […]