Garden Update 4

Github is being a fuss so I’m posting back here again!

Anyway, here is the latest update on the garden in the back yard. I have more recent pictures at the bottom as these are a few weeks old and the peas now reach the top of the cage.

Here you can see my tomatoes have finally recovered from their transplant issues. After a few weeks they had begun to turn yellow and dry up regardless of watering. I looked up that they sometimes don’t care for fresh soil and need a little boost in the fertilizer department so I chucked some nitrogen rich granules in the dirt and just four days later they are back to being dark green and soft.

I wildly underestimated the vitality of the peas and what were once weak and droopy are also now starting to take over their side of the bed. In the next update you will see they are 3x bigger than this and are flowering.

What I thought was going to be another failed attempt at getting things to grow seems to be paying off. Given that even my tomatoes are now flowering I should have some fruit updates, just as long as they aren’t eaten by bugs.


I noticed last week that I had a serious aphid problem around most of my pea’s blooms. Rather than nuke my garden bed and have to deal with pesticides for the time being I opted for the much more violent option of ordering a bag of live ladybugs to come eat them alive.

I released them yesterday and I’d say 75% are still inside the canopy. There is plenty of food in there for them and the mister going every morning will keep them from dying too fast in the heat. It’s unnecessarily hot out right now. The highs are in the upper 90’s with 75% humidity making it feel like the 110’s. It’s that kind of heat where you sweat but the heat starts to warm up the sweat and with no breeze you start to steam.

But the plants are doing well considering.

Look, peas! These are purple hull peas so some are getting ready to pick. You can see the little black dots under the plants, my ladybugs are fast at work getting rid of them but it could take a few days.

The tomato plants are aphid free at least. That bag below them is the ladybug shipping pouch. They all arrived alive which was amazing considering the heat these few days. The tomato plant is just now starting to flower and the wasps that keep getting trapped in the net will be enough to pollinate them.

Here are some of my purple tomato plants that I transplanted a few weeks ago, they are doing well after a few days of being yellow and gross (just like the other ones did). Apparently tomatoes are very picky about being transplanted.

But yeah, the peas are taking over with no signs of stopping.

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