Cooking with the Trangia

Preparing for the upcoming freeze is crucial, especially when it comes to ensuring your outdoor equipment, for cooking with the Trangia, is in good working order. This is particularly important in case the weather turns challenging and the power goes out, leaving you reliant on alternative methods for cooking and heating.

Being prepared for winter involves more than just bundling up. It’s about ensuring that your outdoor equipment, like the Trangia, is in good working order and having a stock of hearty meals to keep you fueled. By sharing your experiences and recipes, you not only engage your readers but also contribute valuable insights into winter preparedness. Stay warm and stay prepared!

The second video is just me making coffee with the little kettle in the Trangia kit. Next time I’ll only grind 15 grams of coffee because the kettle doesn’t hold enough water for 30 grams.

The little gas attachment for cooking with the Trangia is a game changer because the alcohol stove bit works great if you are heating something up for one person or one single meal but with as much as I would have to cook for when using it I needed something that would last much longer.

Check out my video on how to put your Trangia back together after use.

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