Assemble and Store Your Trangia: A Step-by-Step Guide

After cooking my stuff the other night I went to put the Trangia back together.

But, wait—how exactly do you put it all back together?

Mine is the smaller version and while the alcohol stove fits inside my kettle, the pot grabber doesn’t. Plus, I don’t like storing the alcohol burner inside my kettle because if the fuel leaks or whatever then my kettle gets gross or if its got soot or dirt or whatever it becomes a mess. I used my gas burner attachment for the Trangia which has its own little storage bag and is kept in another part of my camp cooking bucket.

So I made myself a little video to show how to assemble and store your Trangia for storage so I don’t have to google it again later. Make sure that all of your parts are clean and dry before assembly.

If videos aren’t your thing the order is simple:

  1. Bottom Windscreen
  2. Upper Windscreen
  3. Stacked Bowls
  4. Kettle (Store alcohol stove inside it if you want.)
  5. Pot Grabber, mouth down
  6. Fold down tabs
  7. Add lid
  8. Secure with strap

Feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more outdoor cooking videos.

I mostly make them for my dad to watch but if they help you out met me know. Expect a new video once a week or so, typically on the weekends.

I recently made ramen and coffee in my Trangia stove with non terrible results. See how I use my camp stove to make coffee and ramen.

If you would like to get your own Trangia stove you can get one here.

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