Cooking Short Ribs and Rice Outside

Tonight for dinner I made a large batch of short ribs in the house and thought it would be interesting to try and cook a few pieces in the camp stove outside. Things worked great considering I’d never cooked short ribs and rice outside. The rice was interesting, I put more water than I needed because I assumed I would lose some when it boiled and bubbled out of the pot, turns out I was pretty close. Next time I’ll make sure to have more marinade juice in the bag so the rib meat can cook longer and I’ll use slightly less water in the rice.

If you would like to try cooking short ribs and rice outside, you can do so in any typical mess kit or camp stove that you have with a shallow pan. I would not attempt to do this in a pot unless you have the thicker cut ribs and your pot has a lid in order to braise the meat properly. Grilling the ribs is also an option but you will need to cook the veggies separately.

Click here to get the recipe for my short ribs.

Check out the same equipment I have here:

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