The Movies

Took the kids to the movies yesterday, all four of them. The youngest isn’t quite two yet but she handled it pretty well. We made sure to go during a matinee, which if you have kids is the time you should be taking them because it’s cheaper and you’re less likely to bother others.

We saw the Mario Movie, the one where Andy from Parks and Rec plays an Italian plumber from a Japanese video game. It was cute and 90% easter eggs from all the games. I think the kids liked it, my oldest wanted to go see it for his birthday which prompted the outing.

I kind of hope they do just a Donkey Kong movie. So many games were mashed into this one, because while Mario is in the OG DK games, the Donkey Kong Country/Land games were the ones I played that were super fun.

Anyway, most of this post was in attempt to push some changes to the repo that are stuck.

I say I know how to do computer things but we all know I’m just winging it at all times.

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