Raised Beds: Almost there

We managed to get one of the raised beds ready to plant. It has been raining constantly for a few weeks so it’s taken a while to get out there and get things going.

Waiting on the soil we filled it with to settle took a bit, but the rain helped. We topped them off with a manure/topsoil mix that seems to be holding moisture well. You can see in the back tall bed there is a little grey container with a green lid, that’s our mini compost/worm bins.

They’ve got a few weeks worth of kitchen scraps in there with 50 or so red wigglers each. (There are two of these, the other short bin has the second one.)

Buying topsoil with cow manure in it makes the yard smell a little like the zoo but here’s hoping the plants and the worms like it.

Our yard has tons of birds and squirrels and such that could easily get into the raised beds and rip up the plants or start eating my veggies. The Vego company makes a mesh cover for their beds and this one has an irrigation sprayer on it as well. Given how “full sun” is great for these plants, that doesn’t exactly mean “full Texas sun” because every tomato plant I’ve attempted in the past has burned to a crisp.

Here you can see the tomatoes and peas I’ve managed to plant in the center bed. I’ve got a room for a few more peppers in here but the seedlings aren’t quite ready for the move and we need more topsoil for it. The large bed is awaiting more dirt for the potatoes, onions, and turnips.

More updates later!

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