Game Boy Advance Mod and Game Boy Color Cleanup

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I disassembled both systems and cleaned the casing, removing over a decade of crap and dust. The GBC had stickers covering it that had to be removed. I first painted it black but the paint didn’t take (was a new kind I was trying out) and had to strip it and start over, taking more […]

Mass Effect N7 NES

Categories: Electronics, Games

  While cleaning out some of the garage I stumbled upon two dusty old NES systems and thought “I should fix these suckers up!” and thus a tedious journey began. I started with the usual 72 pin connector replacement and thought I should paint the systems while I was waiting on them to arrive. Here […]

Replacing Case on DMG Game Boy

Categories: Electronics, Games

After having successfully repaired my MacBook Air I went on to more simpler technologies. When I was nine or ten years old I decided to decorate my gameboy with fingernail polish. When I dug the sucker out of it’s storage bin I felt it was time to remove said polish but to no avail. Remover […]

Book update.

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Yes I’m still writing it. I’ve been rewriting it since the beginning of 2015 and I just don’t feel comfortable with putting out something that isn’t worth reading. I’ve been trying to get the reworks all done at night after the baby goes to bed so it’s taking much longer than it should normally. But […]