LIGHT: Fiction on the Blockchain

So, I’ve wanted to do a bit of serial fiction, but was never really sure what to write about. Then a few weeks ago I was thinking about some event from Virginia Woolf’s letters talking about meeting some random stranger and thinking “how cool would it be if that person was a time traveler and we only have proof of it because of this letter?” Then the cobwebs broke off the hamster wheel and the idea just snowballed from there.

It’s called LIGHT, and will be released in monthly episodes.

Yep, this is a run of the mill vanilla time travel series. No aliens, no alternate universes, just time travel. Like, the main character can only travel in time exactly where she is. If she wants to visit some historical event she has to physically travel to the location before using her time travel device to jump backwards.

This is what you would call soft magic or soft sci-fi in that the time travel mechanisms aren’t reliant on any concept of physics whatsoever. You push the magic button and poof. It’s time travel at it’s most basic level. Suspension of disbelief for a moment done just well enough to put our main character into fun and exciting situations. Knowing this won’t ruin any of the fun of the story I promise. Being a series, most episodes will be stand alone bits leading up to some fun punchline or historical event.

In order to read this series you’ll need some ethereum on the polygon network because I’ve minted them as NFT’s. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to have derivative rights or the ability to resell the story you can buy a hard copy in about a year or so when I’ve got enough to publish as a full volume. Being on polygon beans you won’t pay $150 in gas for a $5 file either, I want folks to be able to casually buy one.

Here is the link to buy the first episode.

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