I Think The Nostalgia Has Finally Worn Off

There is this line of thinking where folks feel that the things they grew up with are superior to whatever is currently out. I used to think that old cars were better because they have less electrical components and aren’t so big etc, meanwhile just looking at a car from the 80’s or 90’s with their tiny wheels and two inch thick doors now has me thinking otherwise. I used to think old videogames were far superior to the latest ones until I actually went back and tried to play any of them. There was no reason for Tiny Toon Adventures for the NES to be that blisteringly difficult. The other day I installed a free to play open world RPG on my iPad and it looked just as good as a PC game from the 2010’s, plus it had full dialog audio and autosave.

Same goes for the world of internet technology. I was all about every text based minimalist federated self hosted thing out there in the opensource world but boy are the people there still just clinging to the past the same way I was. Yes, I still have a RSS feed reader on my browser but it’s a pain to use and nobody keeps blogs anymore. When a site has something to send me it’s done so via email subscription where I can read it on any device without issues.

I think what knocked me off this “the past is better” hill to die on was after the last few months of not being in that space, not reading those blogs, and not having time to do anything but research and discover new things that when I did go back during the holiday break I was baffled by what I was reading. Hacker News used to be all about decentralization and owning your own code/site/data etc, but now I go on there and anytime someone posts about web3 or new tech every comment is “This is a scam. This is just stupid. This has no real world use.” Excuse me, what? Since when is a tech news aggregate site suddenly anti tech?

The reason we innovate at all is because someone somewhere needed something better, and someone somewhere produced something that delivered on it.

That’s not to say that everything old is bad, some things don’t need much in the way of innovation like pour over coffee makers, vinyl records, and Skyrim. I’ll probably still play Skyrim until I’m too old and blind to see the screen. But don’t be surprised when the next triple A games make use of blockchain tech to finally put an end to having a dozen login accounts or installing some companies bloated game management software.

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