Hey! It’s Thanksgiving Day

Well, tomorrow is but we’re preparing for it today. Working on wrapping up the short story I didn’t finish last weekend because of a sick kiddo. Going to try and get that out this weekend after Thanksgiving and all.

Typically this time of year is one where we all start shopping for cheap stuff online while eating leftovers. The last few years we haven’t been able to run out and shop for things at 5am like in the good ol days. My family are the hardcore shoppers who see it as a fun and delightful adventure to shop between midnight and noon. We are also the kind of people who will “drive to Dallas for milk”. As a kid we would make it a weekend trip to go to the mall in Dallas for school clothes, in which we left the house at 9am and got home at 10pm the next day.

These days I just order things online because even though our mall is only twenty minutes away instead of two hours it’s still a huge chore with the kids and such. I do miss the chaos of scrambling through piles of clothes and boxes of toys in order to get an extra $10 off or whatever. Sometimes it was worth it to wait in line for something like a new TV when you couldn’t get one otherwise. I think, and this probably won’t be beaten, the best deal I got in a Black Friday sale was a $25 copy of Splatoon for the Wii U. For those out of the loop Nintendo games rarely lose value and if you “wait for it to go on sale” you’ll be waiting for dog bitten copies on eBay a decade later.

As for the food, we are bringing potatoes and cookies I think, something that transports well anyway. Last year we cooked food at home, which we have done a few times in the past. Honestly I like to make a mini thanksgiving dinner once in a while on the weekends. Imagine a much smaller turkey, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and normal green beans. I know green bean casserole and casseroles in general all the big deal around here but it’s a hard pass for me. I’m sure mom is doing three dozen deviled eggs tonight and her pecan pralines.

I like Thanksgiving more than Christmas because it’s a less stressful family dinner. There is no pressure to decorate or have the right gift or whatever, just an opportunity for good cooking and reflection. I do think the food should be one of the biggest parts of it, doesn’t matter if it’s instant ramen or some heritage breed turkey. You get together you have a meal with folks. I really like the friendsgiving concepts for folks who can’t/won’t be with family for whatever reason.

Enjoy your holiday break, and if you have to work Friday – you got this.

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