Hello Newman…

lego seinfeld
Hello Newman

Earlier this week a friend of ours sent me the Seinfeld Lego set as a late Christmas present. Even though I’m old enough to have watched the show when it came out, I didn’t get all the jokes until way later during the reruns. Now that the show is streaming we’ve been playing it at night or having it run in the background since The Office is no longer on Netflix.

lego elaine
Elaine and Susie, Susie and Elaine!

This set took me about three to four hours to build over the course of a few evenings. It’s full of easter eggs from the show like Elaine’s goldfish from the episode where they are lost in the mall parking garage. Kramer has his coffee table book about coffee tables, there is a superman on the fridge, and the bright green bike is legit hung in the back hallway.

I haven’t built a lego set in forever. Normally I just buy the kids legos and scoff at the price tag of the fancier stuff. These Lego Ideas sets are all pretty cool tho, they have various others but I mean, you can’t go wrong with Seinfeld’s apartment.

There is something about shows like Seinfeld, Frasier, and The Office where you can just turn on a season and let it play in the background while you clean the house or cook dinner or get ready for bed. Something to watch when you can’t really focus too much on what’s happening but know the episodes so much you don’t need to. When you have four kids and a full time job you don’t always have time to sit and binge watch the latest 1 hour series that comes out. We rarely watch new episodes of a show when they come out unless it’s safe for the kids to watch too.

Thanks again to Kelly for sending me the Legos, she runs a cooking/baking blog called Measure Twice Bake Once, you should go check it out – you might learn something.

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  1. Aw man, I have been trying to resist spending money on LEGO but I really like this set, and now you’ve made me want it even more! 😛

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