Dioxazine: Not quite mag or zine.

Categories: Writing

So back in 2013 or so, I decided to come up with a zine to showcase my photos and drawings. It was called Dioxazine after the type of purple paint we often used in painting class, and given it was an art zine it fit pretty well. Things got busy and the whole little project […]

The Widow of Redbriar

Categories: Writing

The Widow of Redbriar is a complex novella set in 1860’s England about Mary Ellen Murphy, a young woman from Georgia, who is uprooted from her family’s tobacco plantation following the aftermath of the American Civil War.  Her maternal grandfather’s estate at Redbriar becomes her new home and now must do her best to keep […]

The Party

Categories: Short Stories, Writing

Joe stood at the edge of the curb in anticipation of the cars arrival. He was heading to the yearly office party and the guys in charge allocated each employee a ride pass for a free round trip autocar. Not that this was his first time in one, he had taken a handful of them […]