Going back to blogging

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It’s just time to do it. I don’t have the hours or energy to keep up with 47 micro projects chosen at random after I’m done with my day job work. The newsletter was fun but on a separate platform that I don’t really control. (And these days controlling your own platform is a must.) […]

Misprints Newsletter is Back

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For the last few weeks I’ve seen an uptick in the number of small presses coming out with indie litmags. Most of these are simply a WordPress site and a twitter account with an email to send subs to. I think it’s great. In fact, I’ve submitted to a few this past month. Keeping a […]

The first issue of Dioxazine is almost ready.

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The plan was to have this thing ready by the beginning of this month but a couple of family events and projects caused some delays. That and the fact that I had to learn InDesign as I went with the layout made things slow going. Luckily most of the layout and formatting can be re-used […]

Misprints News #53 – Charging by the Pixel

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Chapter 1 has been finally wrapped up this week. I shared a chunk of it with one of my writing groups and they seem to think it’s going well for the first draft. This book only has about eight chapters total so I should be finished with the initial draft in about that many weeks, […]

Misprints News #52 – WordPress hates ASCII

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I’ve been messing around this week with some of the art and style concepts for the story. After figuring out the MBR code and having to use a BBS message board to get all the clues, I went to a few other current ones to check them out. Now, I’m not old enough to have […]

Misprints News #51 : Beep Bop Boop.

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This week has seen a pretty good start to the first chapter as I’m about halfway done with it. Still not sold on one of the characters names yet so I’m messing around with that. I had a chance to get out of the house last weekend and see a movie/get dinner for our 13th […]

Misprints News #50 – Future Hobbies.

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While working on the characters for a story you can’t just give a list of attributes like you would in, say, a DnD character sheet where each person is just a string of eye color, hair color, race, class, alignment, etc. But what does the brown eyed, green haired, half dwarf, chaotic neutral bard do […]

Misprints News #49 : Creating Future Subcultures

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So technically the “cyberpunk” story has what can be considered an ending, good enough to start fleshing out the chapters anyway. The bulk of this weeks writing went into finalizing the two main characters and creating three of the “gangs” our fellas are gonna be dealing with throughout the book. Now, these aren’t the huge […]

Misprints News #48 – How much do clothes cost in the Matrix?

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So when you’re writing Historical fiction and you need to work out how much a pair of pants cost you can easily google a bunch of old newspaper ads that will gladly tell you. Writing a story set in the future requires working out a believable level of inflation for the price of things. You […]

Misprints News #47 – Trying to write in the future is hard.

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I had to take an entry level BCIS class at TJC back in 2003. Each school I went to required a basic “how to use computers” course to ensure you knew how to type a business letter in Microsoft Word. These machines were rocking windows 95 and some manner of Office using keyboards so tactile […]