3D Printed Bitcoin Cookie Cutter (and cookies)

This year for Thanksgiving me and the boys made cookies for everyone. Since walmart had already gotten rid of their pumpkin/leaf/turkey shaped cutters I opted to print them instead. I used my standard PLA for these, and thoroughly washed them afterwards. After printing the kids their pumpkin and maple leaf cutters I figured I would hunt down a bitcoin cutter. Well it just so happens there weren’t any on thingiverse etc so I fired up fusion360 and hodge podged together these little guys:

Now, the first time I set up the shape I realized the B needed to be backwards and unlike the other cookie cutters I added a bezel to the edge to help cut more cleanly. Other cutter files have a flat 2-3mm top which makes it hard to get a clean cut. The two holes you see are for you to push the dough out of the cutter from the top after cutting.

The litte guy took about 4 hours to print with this fun orange PLA I got during halloween. You can see I need to clean the bed off, these were printed on the D6 because the cr10 was printing the hulk during this time, that white stuff is just gluestick.

Here are the cookies, they were a little tricky to cut out. If the dough was rolled too thick the top hole of the B would get stuck in the cutter, and too thin the dough didn’t reach the B at all but they worked fine once I got the thickness right. These are a standard cutout sugar cookie recipe I found online.

Here are the cookies all finished, I filled the impression with a glaze type icing that had artificial fruity pebble flavoring added. They were pretty good. Click below to go to my thingiverse page to download the file:

OG Grey Hulk on the CR-10

One of the cool things about the CR-10 is you can print big stuff on it. So to celebrate getting my 4 Star Hulk to rank 5 and to test out a huge print I set up this big ol 22cm grey hulk.

He wasn’t too hard to set up, and luckily came all in one big file. Many large format prints come in parts you have to assemble later. It took a solid 46 hours to print him due to adding a raft to make sure he stuck to the bed and giving him a 20% infill so he wouldn’t snap a limb.

I had a timelapse set up with the octoprint to get a cool 12 minute video of him being printed but at some point the timelapse stopped recording and so it only goes up to his hips. I think either the SD card on the Pi hit a limit or there is some internal file limit setting for the octoprint that I wasn’t aware of.

I’ll work on the octopi setup more this month as I get time. Getting ready to print up a bunch of Christmas ornaments for the kids this year and I plan on having the MP Select Mini up and running as well.

New Printer – The CR-10

A few weeks ago while scrolling through my twitter feed I came across a giveaway for a CR-10 via Datulab Tech’s twitter, then a few days later I got an email saying that I had actually won. Thanks again David for the chance to get a hold of one of these machines and I’m going to ask everyone who reads this to go click the link to his site and check out his youtube videos for some pretty cool custom PC builds.

Soon after getting the machine up and running, which took a little time as you do have to do some mild assembly and adjustments, I set out to print my daughter some fun little teacups:

They came out pretty well for using cura 3 and a file off thingiverse.

Of course, if you go to the CR-10 facebook group, everyone and their mom will say you can just print directly to the glass with no issues. Others will point out your glass is probably warped and you need to get some mirrors to which PLA should stick like hot glue to your fingers. I on the other hand had about a week of troubleshooting the bed leveling and such before giving in and going back to tape and gluesticks.

I did have some luck getting a few prints to stick to the mirror with just gluestick and minimal warping at the edges, but beyond that the printer is very fast and extremely quiet compared to the D6.  Other than getting things to stick it’s a great printer. I’ve set up Octopi and attempted to get a few little timelapse videos of some test prints.