Weekend Project: Client Side Blazor Blog Platform

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To prove to myself I’m not a total moron and that the last years worth of learning to code hasn’t been totally wasted I’ve decided to develop the most basic of blogging apps.

Now, I’ll admit I haven’t done any work on the setup of a .NET web project so it took me all of today to get to the Hello World stage and get a running instance of VS Code.

I haven’t set it up on GitHub just yet, but it will be once I get the thing running. I’m a huge supporter of open source software since having a source repo to reference while learning to program is invaluable. Letting other people check your code and offer solutions to problems and plug it in is also paramount to development.

So far I’m calling the project Pewst, only because my husband bought the domain years ago as a joke and we’ve just kept renewing it ever since on the off chance he made a chat or message app. So why a blogging app? Because I can’t program in PHP and mySQL is a security nightmare. This blog runs off a self hosted WordPress build that could easily be messed with by some nefarious code injection.

Yes, this app will have the most minimal amount of javascript imaginable by building it in .Net and C#. Blazor has open source component libraries that can handle things like fancy buttons and such. As far as scope, the main components will be a page to list a summary of blog posts, a way to search them, and the hardest part: a way to create new posts and save them to the program.

Using client side Blazor means the site will take a second to load but once it does it will be fully accessible from the browser offline (save for any external links). I think that offline capabilities of a website are going to be more important in the future where we’ve grown used to an “always online” kind of internet.

Anyway, here is what I’ve got up and running so far:

Yep, it’s close to nearly nothing but it took me all day to have it not explode due to a version of a Nuget package not wanting to play nice with VS. Version differences not being backwards compatible among .NET, random Nuget packages, and OS X CATALINA (I know, I know, I should be doing this on windows.) had me running in circles for a while but I learned quite a bit about setting things up. It’s much more involved than spooling up an instance of ubuntu and installing a few bits of stuff from the command line the way of WordPress and a LAMP stack configuration.

So yeah, hopefully in the next few months this website will be runing off my own little bit of software instead of this one and by then it should be ready to share.


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