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It’s just time to do it. I don’t have the hours or energy to keep up with 47 micro projects chosen at random after I’m done with my day job work. The newsletter was fun but on a separate platform that I don’t really control. (And these days controlling your own platform is a must.) Social media is just a high school lunchroom on fire and everything else is exhausting. So yeah, I’m just going to use one platform -this one- for the rest of the year at least.

What will I be posting about? Cool stuff I find each week just like the newsletter had, perhaps thoughts on writing or other creative projects. We shall see, I’m not a fan of having only one hobby and only ever posting/talking about that one thing forever.

What I do think is important is keeping away from the paid reviewer/promotional concept of a blog. I want folks to read my posts without thinking someone has given me free stuff for a review. That just turns a blog into a huge advertisement and not a personal outlet. Keep the reviews and promotions to social media and streaming platforms. They do have a place, it’s nice to see how a product or service looks or works in the hands of a live human but I don’t want to read a blog where the last half of the page is shout outs to supporters and ads. (I mean, that’s what Patreon is for.) Anything I link to here will be something I legit stumbled upon during the week and thought it was worth sharing.

Even looking at “Top Blogging Tips” online results in nothing but pure marketing tactics and buzzwords. If you think for five minutes that I’m going to sweat over KEYWORDS and SEO you’re drunk. (Some people even put all caps keywords in Facebook posts and because of this their posts come across as disingenuous by default.) This Yoast plugin can yell at me for having too long of paragraphs all it wants, put that red dot on all my posts, I no longer care. Get in the sea.

While I’m angry and I have yall here:

I watched some of that Emily Dickinson show on Apple+ this week and it’s just as horrible as I expected it to be based on the previews alone. Yall, it’s one thing to take liberties with language and speculate on events it’s another to be dead ass wrong. I made it through three whole episodes hoping that things would get better and let me tell you they only snowballed further into oblivion with each passing minute. I don’t mind them using actors who look nothing like the real people, every Queen can’t look like Olivia Colman, Virginia Woolf wasn’t a platinum blonde, I get it. But, what little we do know about Dickinson shouldn’t be painted over in order to turn someone into a character on a YA CW show.

who is this for?

I think the fact that it was designed for teens and making her such is what has thrown it all out of kilter. Dickinson’s major writing, wearing white, etc all happens way later in life, not when she was a kid. The second episode has her and Sue sneak into a lecture at the local school because ‘girls aren’t allowed’. Dickinson literally went to college, in the mid 1800’s, that’s kind of a big deal and it’s insulting to act like she was stuck at home tending to the house with no education. On that note, her mom seems to be not only alive for most of the series but running around and doing stuff. One of the reasons she and Lavinia stayed home was because their mother was bedridden and had to be taken care of.

For some bananas reason Emily is writing stuff only in ink instead of pencil for the little scraps in these few episodes which will make it super hard for Mabel Loomis Todd somebody to erase things after she dies. They throw a house party like an 80’s teen movie where Emily downs 15ml of this opium tincture (without passing out) and about 20 minutes later complains about cramps. Also, her buddy smokes crisp white cigarettes about fifty years too soon, but I mean, it’s just wild the stuff they made sure was correct in the background but extremely wrong on the frontend. The relationship with Susan was totally true, but I can’t deal with another episode because at this point Katie Scott Turner might show up as a time traveling robot or something.

Honestly, it feels like these kinds of attempts to modernize a story aim for the 1996 Romeo + Juliet and just can’t quite reach that lofty bar for mixing old stuff with the cutting edge without coming across as satire or worse. Would it work better if they set Dickinson as a modern girl with old fashioned parents who just wants to write poetry in her room all day after flunking out of college after her ex marries her brother and the town thinks she is crazy? (yes) But have them speak like they do in Cynthia Nixon’s version? (no) Her poems can be found on old cd-r’s in the closet or something after she dies. (that’s a stretch) I don’t know, but this whole show could have been done with way less cringe.

Last week I nuked my twitter account for good. 

This is a pretty cool thing called The Open Book project(Github). Finally an open source e-reader that can’t yank the books from your device. Note that it’s not exactly cheap to build and you do have to know what you’re doing to put it together but all the hard work of engineering it has been done.

Too bad we don’t have cool mailboxes(AtlasObscura) out in public like this anymore. Our poor post offices still roll those 1980’s breadbox cars while other public services have nicer vehicles and buildings than the people living there.

Recipe websites are terrible (For all the reasons I mention about blogs being a mess). The entire first half of it is just images, then a wall of text, or a slideshow, and or ads every other block before you ever reach the ingredients list and instructions. This website lets you plug in any recipe site page to scrape out just the information you actually want (plainoldrecipe).


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