Goodbye Twitter

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I don’t keep a twitter account for more than a year or so before deleting it and starting over. It’s been that way since 2009, luckily I manage to snag the username each time I do it. The reason for that is I don’t want a decade of old junk tweets swimming around in the void.

This time though, I’ll admit, it was a little harder to delete it. Usually I max at around 150 followers and most of them are the same ones who realize I’ve rebooted the account. Back in 2018 I started following other writers just before I released Redbriar. There was some sort of huge writers follow thread going on at the time and my numbers went from 200 to 3000 in a month. I followed all 3,000 of them back in hopes for decent book sales but that never happened.

After a year I unfollowed the majority of the people there since most were on autopilot or mass retweeting others automated posts. Little to no interaction was going on and I was missing things from people I wanted to get news from.

I was using the site to keep up to date with news in the writing community, technology, and Austin area. But, after these last four months I watched too many accounts begin to spiral out of control. That’s when I decided to just step off of the whole platform. As of this past Sunday, the account has been deactivated.

Good riddance.


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