I Found a Better RSS Reader

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A few several months ago I made a post about how much I preferred RSS to email and news sites for various reasons. Well, at some point the in-browser option I was using started to lag out and stop working.

The new one I found is built within it’s own browser so I don’t need to have a specific one open. It’s called Raven. Now, I’ve only used it for about an hour but I’m already sold.

No shady browser plugins!

It’s open source, and has sharing options to make it easy to spam your facebook and twitter without having to copy/paste. The issue I had with Brief was that I would go to load my latest things and would have to wait fifteen minutes for stuff to load, even with minimal feeds. At some point I just abandoned it until recently while I was going through some tech articles I noticed the trend of small Hugo-based blogs all putting their RSS feed link at the top or bottom of their page. This sent me on a search for a proper RSS feed reader that didn’t ask me to sign up for a service or create an account.


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