The first issue of Dioxazine is almost ready.

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The plan was to have this thing ready by the beginning of this month but a couple of family events and projects caused some delays. That and the fact that I had to learn InDesign as I went with the layout made things slow going. Luckily most of the layout and formatting can be re-used for the other issues. Now, yall know that I set up the PDF file for The Widow of Redbriar but most that was done by importing a Word document into Acrobat. InDesign is an entirely different beast and lets you do all kinds of amazing stuff with page numbers and formatting that is otherwise a hellacious nightmare in Word.

The very first issue will be D&D based since one of my current projects is wrapping up a 5e module. I’ll have a post on that next month. Each issue will have the same structure which includes:

  • One short story
  • Two opinion essays
  • Two bits of flash fiction
  • One 4-6 panel comic.

That’s not the most difficult thing in the world to setup with InDesign.  All of the literature bits are done at this point so now all I have left to do is draw up the comic and ink the cover art.

I’ll be tossing the PDF out into the open as soon as I get the art finalized. The plan is for any and all digital copies to be freely available. I’m not an industry professional and most of the work you find in this magazine will be second draft or concept ideas since I’m doing everything solo. There will be a handful of issues printed out for patreon supporters or anyone who would like one. Each quarter the theme will change but the purple banner will stay the same. I am also starting small with a twelve-page book to see how things go. The official link to download it will be hosted over at which is linked up at the top of this page and will be thrown across my social media outlets so it will be hard to miss.


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