Misprints News #51 : Beep Bop Boop.

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This week has seen a pretty good start to the first chapter as I’m about halfway done with it. Still not sold on one of the characters names yet so I’m messing around with that. I had a chance to get out of the house last weekend and see a movie/get dinner for our 13th anniversary so that was nice.

You might have noticed an ad on Facebook for Redbriar as I’ve started running a two week campaign there just to test out sales there. Folks say you do better with Amazon ads so when the Facebook one is done I’ll give that a shot. Since I’m using Ingram I can’t tell how many sell until the following month so it’s hard to tell how effective the ads are until after they’ve run.

But yeah, as I said in last weeks email this one would be about music. Electronic music has been around for a considerably long time now. I think the theremin starts things off pretty well, then things jumped to plugging analog instruments into amplified sources and recording devices which lead to electric guitars etc. Then we had an explosion of modular synthesizers that modified and distorted live sound. Today things are super digital, programs have replaced ring modulators and crazy expensive analog equipment. So what does that leave the future? Are folks still going to have homebrew euro rack modules in their studios or sets? Will physical electronics be so far advanced that soldering them in place requires industrial precision?

Now, I have full faith in the electric guitar/keyboard/drums being around in 2080-whatever. For this story I will have them set up with some common sense things like built in wireless to the amp/computer system. But the aspect of analog synths and analog modules will still be around for sure. Our future fellas will probably be used to hearing what we would consider techno-country or techno-60’s-folk music. Hip-hop and pop will have melted together decades ago. Even grunge/rock/metal will have some aspect of a digital sound to it by then just because of the medium required to produce it. It has to go through software to be recorded and distributed. I’m sure in Austin they’ll still have some hardcore scene left over where you have to play your own drums and guitar and it all must be live. 🙂

But for the sake of common sense our guys will be listening to music from their computers/phones from an online source via headphones or speakers just like folks have used since forever. Headphones and speakers aren’t going anywhere. CD’s will probably the cool retro thing to use by then, I’m sure of it and they’ll have micro LED’s laminated in the plastic so to looks crazy when you play them in your clear modded 90’s CD players.

Speaking of music I spent the last two days solving the crypto riddle on the new MBR album. I’ve never messed with converting data strings from one format to the other or pulling data from images and sound files before but it was super cool. Yes, I know I can’t listen to Florence 24/7 sometimes I have to change it up every few hours. ;D Oh and the playlist for this novella is over in the sidebar of the site, you should check out everyone on there.

See yall next week!


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