The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

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This post contains no affiliate links, I bought the keyboard myself two months ago. Back in January, right after releasing Redbriar, I started shopping around for a new keyboard for my computer. There wasn’t anything super wrong with the old one save for a few broken keycaps, so I shopped around for something that would work well enough for my own […]

Misprints News #47 – Trying to write in the future is hard.

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I had to take an entry level BCIS class at TJC back in 2003. Each school I went to required a basic “how to use computers” course to ensure you knew how to type a business letter in Microsoft Word. These machines were rocking windows 95 and some manner of Office using keyboards so tactile […]

Haven't been to a real arcade in a long time.

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We’ve gone to a dozen kids parties that featured an arcade section or seen a few cabinets in the corner of a theater, most either have a cash slot or run on the new card reader systems. Don’t get me wrong, the new card system is great for keeping track of tickets earned and keeping […]