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So for the last ten weeks, I’ve been working on finishing the book that I had started back in 2014. It’s nothing great but I did feel the need to actually finish it and get it self-published given the amount of time I had put into the story. To help me get back on track with writing and scheduling time for work on my own I started my newsletter back up. It’s not the same one I started back in 2015 so if you are still on that one you probably aren’t getting the new one.
I did a little research on simple newsletters that didn’t cost money per month to run and was about to go back to using VerticalResponse when I received a newsletter from someone that was using TinyLetter. The format of the email was very nice and easy to read on mobile and desktop and wasn’t 90% html images. So I looked into it and set up one to give it a test drive. Ten weeks later it’s still going strong so I think I’ll stick with it unless I hit the 5k subscriber limit.
Now, most of the emails are about what I did the previous week in my writing progress. Ever so often I’d write about something else going on but the writing is still the focus. After couple paragraphs about wordbuilding or chapter progression, there is a page break followed by some interesting news links I’ve come across that week. I do my best to keep it apolitical and unbiased if the news source is credible enough, and none of the news links give me a referral for you clicking on them. The next page break, on the other hand, is 100% referral links.  Any of those links that you click on or purchase the item from Amazon gives me a few pennies in commission. I do have other share-a-sale affiliate accounts I could use but I figure folks are more likely to order off Amazon than gearbest.
Every other week or so I post a little social media image to promote the newsletter, usually around Wednesday, just to try to get new subscribers before the letter goes out on Friday afternoon. Below is a little gallery of those images so you can see what they look like.

If you think it’s something you’d like to check out you can sign up with the form below or click here to view the archive of older letters.
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